Monday, August 14, 2023

Update to: The Exploits of Arvid Blumenthal, Latvia’s “Crocodile Harry” in Australia by C. K. Dodd

 An update to: Dodd, C.K., Jr. 2022. The Exploits of Arvid Blumenthal, Latvia’s “Crocodile Harry” in Australia. Posted 9 March 2022.

In this note, I highlighted the early life of Arvid Blumenthal’s time as a crocodile hunter in Australia as published in several small Latvian booklets. I noted that Rimants Ziedonis, with input from Blumenthal, recounted much of this information in a later book, Nacionālais Dēkainis - Krokodilu Mednieks [National Adventurer – Crocodile Hunter]. This book is extensively updated with information on Blumenthal’s life in Australia (2000, Jumava, Riga, Latvia, 199 p.). In addition to the text, the book contains eight pages of photographs and recounts Blumenthal’s extraordinary life and exploits after leaving the “Deep North” and running an underground (literally) bar and “museum” in Coober Pedy, Australia. Fig. 3 shows the cover of this book, which was unavailable to me until recently. 

Fig. 3. Cover of Nacionālais Dēkainis - Krokodilu Mednieks by Rimants Ziedonis. Author’s collection.

Submitted by: C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.


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