Beginning 2022, ISHBH began publishing Wahlgreniana — A series of book-length works complementing the ISHBH journal, Bibliotheca Herpetologica. Books in this series are published on an irregular basis and are sold separately from ISHBH subscriptions. Wahlgreniana is named in honor of Richard Wahlgren (1946–2019) A founding member and first Chairman of the International Society for the History and Bibliography of Herpetology. Without Richard’s tireless dedication to ISHBH, the  society could not have made it through its early years.

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Volume 1—May 2022

Bour, Roger and Josef F. Schmidtler. 2022. Nikolaus Michael Oppel’s Drawings, Watercolors, and Engravings 3. Crocodiles (1807–1817): A comparative study of some historical and recent crocodile illustrations. ISHBH, Salt Lake City, x, 184 p. Hardcover. Includes a complete facsimile of  Tiedemann, F., M. Oppel & J. Liboschitz 1817. Naturgeschichte der Amphibien. Erstes Heft. Gattung Krokodil. Joseph Engelmann, Heidelberg. v–vi, 1–88, vii–viii. Auf Kosten der Verfasser, München, 15 pls. $65.00

Volume 2—October 2022

Dodd, C. Kenneth, Jr. 2022. Bibliography of the Anurans of the United States and Canada. Part 1: 1698–2012. Part 2:  2013-2021. ISHBH, Salt Lake City, x, 282 p. Hardcover, ISBN: 979-8-218-06245-3. Retail: $35.00; ISHBH members $21.00. - Also avilable as an eBook ISBH: 979-8-218-06246-0 - Check your online eBook seller.