Sunday, July 23, 2023

Report of the 2023 ISHBH Business Meeting

 Held at 12:00 on 16 July 2023 in the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia, USA


A record 21 people attended the Business Meeting. This included four executive committee members (Aaron Bauer, Ralph Tramontano, Eric Hilton and Luis Ceríaco), 5 other current (or recently lapsed) members (John Moriarty, Gregory Watkins-Colwell, Robert Sprackland, Peter Uetz, Erin C. Anthony – joined during meeting), and 12 non-members (Bruna Santos, Teri Sprackland, Deepak Veerappan, Krista Koeller, Thore Koppetsch, Justin Lee, Andrew Powers, Diogo Parrinha, Elizabeth Glynne, Christopher Zobek, Florence Wen, Justin Bernstein).


Chairman Bauer called the meeting to order at 12:05 and presented reports from the executive committee.


2023 ISHBH Membership Report (submitted by John C. Murphy)


Number of members as of 10 July 2023

21 Life Members

47 Regular & Supporting Members

2 Corresponding

17 Institutional

88 Lapsed

3 of uncertain status


·       It is a priority to recover lapsed members and increase the number of paying memberships. We need an incentive that members are willing to pay for. Since we are open access, anyone can read the articles on-line and anyone can purchase the annual volume from us without a membership.  [Aaron Bauer noted that membership provides a substantial discount to Wahlgreniana and Eric Hilton noted that there is usually an increase in the number of members paying their dues in the fall, prior to or coincident with the issue of the annual printed copy of Bibliotheca Herpetologica.]

·       2024 publication prices have been requested from the German subscription service -HARRASSOWITZ.


2023 Editor’s Report (submitted by Breck Bartholomew)


Since last year’s board meeting, volume 16 of Bibliotheca Herpetologica was published on time with the hardcopy issues being mailed in December. Volume 16 contained 9 papers and 117 pages with nine authors from four countries (Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA). Last year the first two volumes of Wahlgreniana were published. This series is published as print on demand and will remain available through various online outlets, such as Amazon, and Blackwell, as well as from ISHBH directly. A couple of ideas for future volumes have been suggested, but nothing is currently in the works.

Bibliotheca Herpetologica volume 17 is well underway with 6 papers having been published so far. We currently have eight additional submissions that are currently in various stages of review. The range in topics continues to become more diverse. As a result, the most difficult task is finding appropriate reviewers. I continue to look for an associate editor — volunteers are welcome to contact me.


2023 ISHBH Treasurer’s Report (submitted by Eric J. Hilton)


The ISHBH remains in a good financial position, with $4,214.64 in its bank account, which is sufficient for publication of BH (17). The expenses and income for 2022 and 2023 to date are as follows:

2022. Expenses: $3,204.37; Income: $4,207.97

2023 to date. Expenses: $104.64; Income: $1219.80


Expenses comprise publication and mailing of BH (17) and volumes of Wahlgreniana; income comprise membership dues and publication of Wahlgreniana.

·       The Treasurer’s report was accepted unanimously by the members present.


Old Business: The donation by the Wahlgren family on behalf of the late founder of the ISHBH, Richard Wahlgren, remains in the temporary custody of SSAR while ISHBH establishes its tax-exempt status. The more than $41,000 will be used to establish an endowment that can be used to support special publications and events of the ISHBH.


New Business (and announcements): Aaron Bauer discussed plans for upcoming meetings. The ISHBH will meet with SSAR at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor June 27–30, 2024, where we will be listed on the program officially. There will be a rare herpetological book display at the Research Museums Center of the university. A visit will also be made to the plaque honoring Henry Sewall, whose work with massasaugas at the University of Michigan led to the discovery of immunotherapeutic venom resistance and eventually to the development of antivenins. If enough history abstracts are received it will be possible to have a historically themed contributed paper session in Ann Arbor. Please let Aaron know if you might want to present there.

The ISHBH will also meet at the 10th World Congress of Herpetology in Kuching, Malaysia August 4-10, 2024. We have been encouraged to submit a proposal for a historically themed symposium there. If anyone is willing to serve as the symposium organizer, please let Aaron know. This will be an excellent opportunity to shine a light on our society and interests. Two oral contributions per attendee will be allowed so this should facilitate the ability of some people to showcase their historical and bibliographic work.

Robert Sprackland announced that the Division of Herpetology at the Smithsonian is culling duplicate books and searching for missing titles. Exchanges may be possible and Robert is working on making a list of books needed and available.

Teri Sprackland discussed the nature of relevant archival sources in Paris and indicated that she could help those needing French translations or accessing the archives.

Peter Uetz suggested that all ISHBH publications be available digitally. This is the case for all previous publications of the ISHBH.

New member Erin Anthony informed the group that many of the books of Thomas Lovejoy had been purchased at auction and were for sale at Riverby Books in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Several younger attendees introduced themselves and explained their interest in herpetological literature.


The meeting closed at approximately 1:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Aaron M. Bauer

ISHBH Chair and acting Meeting Secretary

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