Tuesday, August 3, 2021

5. Brehms Tierleben. Horned Frogs, Ceratophrys


Ceratophrys (family Ceratophryidae) are also known as South American horned frogs and in the pet trade as well as Pacman frogs due to their characteristic round shape and large mouth, reminiscent of the video game character Pac-Man. They are voracious predators, often eating whatever they can swallow. These frogs are also known to be cannibalistic, and have been known to eat their mates, even if they are larger than they are. They have a very sticky tongue which they use to catch prey and pull it into their jaws. Large individuals have bite forces comparable to those of mammalian predators.

Lappin, A. K.; Wilcox, S.C.; Moriarty D. J.; Stoeppler A. R.; Evans, S. E.; Jones, M.E.H. (2017). "Bite force in the horned frog (Ceratophrys cranwelli) with implications for extinct giant frogs". Scientific Reports. 7 (1): 11963. doi:10.1038/s41598-017-11968-6. PMC 5607344. PMID 28931936.

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